Pro weather station with solar transmitter

WH2300 with RCC
WH2301 without RCC
Porofessional weather station with solar power transmitter,in/out Temperare and Humidity, rain gauge, windspeed and direction,UV light. 100m tranmission range

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solar power transmitter
wind speed and direction
rain guage
Power consumption:
Base station: 3xAA 1.5V LR6 Alkaline battery;
Transmitter: 3xAA 1.5V Rechargeable battery


1) Indoor temperature measure range: -40°C to 50°C

2) Outdoor temperature measure range:-40°Cto 65°C

3) Humidity measuring range: 1% to 99%

4) Wind speed measure range: 0 to 50.0m/s

5) Wind direction: 0 to 359 degree

6) Rainfall range: 0 to 9999.9mm

7) Light range: 0 to 300000.0lux

8) UV index range: 0 to 15 index (0 to 20000 w/m2)



1) Time and date, Sunrise and Sunset time, Moon phase.

2) In/Outdoor temperature and humidity & Wind chill & wind direction & Rainfall & Pressure measure

3) Display rain rate, rainfall data in 24 hours, one week, one month, one year, total rain and rainfall event.

4) Wind speed in mph, km/h, m/s, knots or Beaufort

5) The direction of the wind with 360 degree

6) Wind chill, dew point and heat index temperature display.

7) Barometric, weather forecast.

8) MAX, MIN with a time stamp.

9) MAX,MIN values along with time and date of their recordings

10) High alarm and low alarm.

11) The information display.

12) Light and UV RF receive

13) Save the data when batteries is changed

14) PC software connect

Weather alarm modes: 

a) Temperature; b) Humidity; c) Wind chill;

d) Dew point; e) Rainfall; f) Wind speed

g) Air pressure; h) Storm warning

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