Wireless Floating Pool & Spa Thermometer


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        ·         Wireless & floating pool sensor design

·         LCD display to show temperature (°C/°F) reading

·         8-channel selectable

·         Product size: 83 x 83x 150mm (W x D x H)


        When paired with a GW1000 Wi-Fi Gateway:

·     View temperature reading on the Live Data page of the WS View Plus app (requires the gateway and your phone is using the same Wi-Fi network)

·     Up to 8 channels supported. Channel names can be edited on the app.

·     Battery level information displayed on the WS View App




When paired with a Weather Station Console (HP2551/HP3500/HP3501):

·       View temperature data in real-time on the Display

·       Up to 8 channels supported. Channel names can be edited on the console.




When uploaded to Ecowitt Weather Server:

·       View current data & history records & graph on the website

·       Receive email alerts from the server

·       Remote monitoring with smart phone, laptop, or computer by visiting the website


    Button Descriptions:

·         When the device is on Sleep mode, long press 3 seconds to turn on the device

·         When in the normal display mode:

-- long press 5 seconds to turn into Sleep mode. There will be no display and the system enter the low-power mode.

-- Press 2 second to enter Setup mode, short press to switch channel (it can support 8 channels)

      -- short press to switch °C and °F     


·         Power Supply: 2 x AA batteries (built-in battery cannot be replaced)

·         Battery life: 3 years ( at the temperature range of 10~50 C)

·         Transmission range: 100 meter

·         Temperature Measurement Range: -40 ~60 C

·         Temperature Measurement Accuracy: +/-1 C

·         Sampling Time: around 60s


·         APP compatible: WS View Plus or Ecowitt (If pair with an FOS family WiFi weather station) 



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