Soil Mositure sensor


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Main Features              

1. Mearsure current soil moisture.

2. Works with GW1000 Wi-Fi gateway (sold separately) to complete the wifi configuration on WS View application. 

3. View live sensor data on the app once wifi configuration done.íú

4. Email alerts available once the gateway device added successfully on our free Ecowitt Weather Server: https://www.ecowitt.net.


5. Each GW1000 gateway supports to add up to 8 channels water leak sensors. Channel names can be edited both on the app and Ecowitt Weather Server.


·         Moisture Range:0~100%; Resolution: 1%

·         0%AD setting range:70~200; Initial value:70

·         Frequency: 915 MHz

·         Update Rate: 70 seconds

·         Power Consumption: 1 x AA battery(not included)


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