IP weather station with tempearture,humidity and barometric

1. IP observer
2. Outdoor and indoor sensor
3. Upload weather data to internet in real time

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1) Wireless outdoor temperature and humidity transmitter outdoor sensor.

2) Indoor sensor measures indoor  temperature, humidity, barometric.

3) Gateway unit receive weather data via RF signal from 2 sensors.

4) Upload weather data to internet in real time

5) Perfect for remote monitoring

6) Cable connection to router

7)Transmission range: 100 meters

8)Frequency: 868/915MHz option 



Outdoor data

Temperature range: -40°C--65°C


Measuring range rel. humidity:1%~99%

Accuracy : +/- 5%

Indoor data

Indoor temperature range: 0°C--60°C


Measuring range rel. humidity: 1%~99%

Barometric Pressure: 8.85 to 32.50 inHg

Resolution: +/-0.08 inHg(within range of 27.13 to 32.5 inHg)


Power consumption:  

Receiver: 5V DC adaptor(included)

Outdoor sensor: 2xAA1.5V batteries(not included)

Indoor sensor: 2xAA1.5V batteries(not included)

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