4G WCDMA network automatic meteorological station with Remote Monitoring App

3G 4G WCDMA network automatic meteorological station with Remote Monitoring App

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 1.Weather data achieved from precise measuring sensors will be transmitted to the receiver/console by wireless RF signal.While the 3G/4G module built in the receive unit will collect and upload these weather data to internet.
2.There are 3 public weather platforms for users' option:wunderground,weatherbug,weathercloud.
3.Free Iphone, Ipad and Android APPs available from





  • Receive the following weather data from outdoor integrated sensor
    1.  Wind speed and Direction
    2.  Air Temperature
    3.  Relative Humidity
    4.  Rain
    5.  Solar radiation and UV radiation
  • Receive indoor temperature and humidity from indoor sensor
  • RF Wireless communication between sensor and receiver
  • Upload the weather data to dominated website by WCDMA network:, Weathercloud, WOW and your own website (need to have the same protocol with  
  • Send alarm message to mobile by SMS
  • PC software (USB Connection)
  • The data saved as CSV file on the SD card
  • Data will not lost if power off
  • Real-time data and graph can be displayed in our APP “WS View”
  • Transmission span time is programmable by user from 0 or 10minute to 24hour  (0 is not send the data via WCDMA network)
  • Simply installation and easy to use
  • Supports WH41 PM2.5 Sensor and WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor(Should be at the same RF Frequency and sold separately)  



  • Solar Radiation: 120k Lux
  • Accuracy:+/-15%
  • Wind speed:0-50m/s(0-100mph)
  • Accuracy:  +/-1m/s(wind speed<5m/s)
                      +/-10%(wind speed>5m/s)
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 60°C
  • Accuracy:+/-1°C
  • Rel.humidity range:1%-99%
  • Accuracy:+/-5%
  • Rain volume:0-9999mm
  • Accuracy:+/-6%
  • Resolution: 0.3mm(if rain volume<1000mm)
                          1mm(if rain volume>1000mm)

       Power consumption

  • Control unit: 1×18650 3.7V Rechargeable battery
  • Outdoor sensor:2×AA 1.5V battery

Professional 4G Cellular Wireless Weather Station

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