USB Wi-Fi Weather Station Gateway with Ultrasonic wind sensor, Rain Collector, Thermo-Hygro Sensor


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1.Built-in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors (cabled probe attached to unit).

2.Allows you to monitor environmental or atmosphere data with free WS View Mobile application by connecting with outdoor sensors: temperature, humidity, rain, wind speed, wind direction, UV, light

3. Ultrasonic wind sensor measures the wind speed an direction. No moving part. Long life. Transmission rang up to 1000 feet in ideal conditions (no obstructions)

4.Can add extra sensors for different weather data needed (sold separately): MAX 8 multi-channel temperature and humidity(WH31), rain gauge(WH40), MAX 8 soil moisture(WH51), MAX 4 PM2.5(WH41) water leakage sensor and lightning detector etc.

5.Supports uploads to Weather Underground, Weathercloud and WOW website

6.View all the sensor current and history records, graph on Ecowitt Weather server. History records can also be exported from the server

7.Designed with you in mind: User friendly designed apps for Apple iOS and Android make monitoring easy

8.Accurate: Swiss-made sensing component provides reliable, accurate measurement.

9. Wi-Fi Capable: enables your station to publish its data wirelessly to Weather Underground/Weather Cloud/WOW and view the current weather condition directly via our weather app WS View

Technical Specifications

Gateway Dimensions: 62 x 35 x 12mm

Display Power: DC 5V

Outdoor sensor:

Temp range:-40°C - 60°C; accuracy:±1°C; resolution:0.1°C

Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%; accuracy ±5%; resolution: 1% Rainfall measuring range: 0–6000 mm; accuracy: ± 5%; resolution: 0.1mm/0.01inch

Wind speed range:0 ~ 50 m/s

UV-Index range: 0-15;

Light range: 0–200 kLux

Sensor reporting interval:

Anemometer: 16.5s;

rain gauge sensor: 49s;

thermo-hygrometer sensor: 64s

Indoor sensor:

Pressure range: 300–1,100 hPa

Temp range:-40°C - 60°C; accuracy:±1°C; resolution:0.1°C

Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%; accuracy ±5%; resolution: 1%

Sensor reporting interval: 60s

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