Wireless 8 channel color screen weather station

1. Color display
2. Work with 8 sensors
3. Connect to PC
4. Data logger

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1. Can receive up to 8 outdoor sensors;

2. Indoor temperature and humidity display;

3. Outdoor temperature, humidity, dew point and heat index display ;

4. Temperature, humidity,dew point and heat index graph

5. Time, calendar display;

6. Vertical and horizontal display switchable;

7. RCC with WWVB, DCF, MSF for Selectable;

8. Min/Max record;

9. LED backlight;

10. Connect to PC via USB

The data saved as CSV file on the SD card



Indoor temperature measure range: 0°C to 60°C

Outdoor temperature measure range: -40°C to 65°C

Humidity measuring range: 10% to 99%


Pow Consumption:

Base station: 5V DC adapter(included)

Remote sensor: 2xAAA 1.5V alkaline batteries(not included)

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