Wireless weather station with outdoor sensor

WH1175 with RCC
WH1176 without RCC
Indoor/outdoor temperature & humidity,barometric,weather forecast icon,time alarm

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433MHZ, with RCC, transmission range up to 100meter
1). Indoor temperature range: -9.9°C to 50°C;
2). Outdoor temperature range: -40°C to 65°C;
3). Temperature accuracy: +/-1.0°C;
4). Indoor humidity range: 20%RH-95%;
5). Quartz time accuracy: +/-1.0s per day;

Power consumption:
1). Base station: 3XAA 1.5V LR6 Alkaline batteries;
2). Transmitter WH5: 2XAA 1.5V LR6 Alkaline batteries;

Dimensions (H*W*D):
1). Base station: 185X100X35mm;
2). Transmitter ): 122X40X18mm;

1). Outdoor and indoor humidity (%RH);
2). Outdoor and indoor temperature (°F or °C);
3). Records min. and max. Humidity;
4). Records min. and max. Temperature;
5). Air pressure with graph;
6). Weather forecast temdency;
7). Forecast icons based on changing barometric pressure (3mbar trigger normal weather change, 5mbar trigger storm weather);
8). Radio controlled time and date with manual setting option;
9). Time Zone Setting;
10). 12 or 24-hour time display;
11). Perpetual calendar;
12). Time alarm with snooze;
13). Can receive up to 3 sensors;
14). Wall hanging or free standing;
15). Included one transmitter;
16). Synchronized instant instand reception;
17). Low battery indicator on the receiver;
18). Comfort index;
19). LED backlight.

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WH1175 user manual

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