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Yes,we are factory with our own R&D term and production base in Shenzhen,China

Make sure the remote sensors are not transmitting through solid metal (acts as an RF shield), or earth barrier (down a hill). Radio Frequency (RF) Sensors cannot transmit through metal barriers (example, aluminum siding) or multiple, thick walls. Move the display console around electrical noise generating devices, such as computers, TVs and other wireless transmitters or receivers.
Absolute air pressure is the measured atmospheric pressure, changes in weather conditions (the true measured air pressure of the current time and location). Absolute pressure is not corrected to sea-level conditions.(The air pressure decreases as you rise in altitude, the sea-level corrected pressure (the pressure your location would be at if located at sea-level) is higher than your measured pressure if you live above sea-level and lower than your measured pressure if you live below sea-level). Relative air pressure is the measured barometric pressure relative to your conditions.
The default of the REL pressure altitude is 1013 hPa,user can calibrate the relative pressure to the sea-level conditions.To determine the relative pressure for your location,locate an official reporting station near you(the internet is the best source for real time barometric conditions,such as or,and set your weather station to match the official reporting station.
The DCF WWVB or MSF time signal is an AM modulated time-of-day signal broadcasted by the Federal Government of Germany, NIST from USA or National Physical Lboratory. The time base is generated from an atomic time generator which is accurate to 10 billions of one second.


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Why we are?

Shenzhen Fine Offset has established a strong background in electronics technology and is a distinguished supplier of professional weather stations, forecast weather stations, thermometers and rain meters. We are adding new products to our range including a digitial compass, altitude meter and a multifunction wall clock.